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Help your child De-stress, get healthy and have fun!

Teaching your child yoga has never been so easy! Yoga Play - Yoga cards offer your child a fun approach to learning with a trusted and attention instructor- YOU!

This interactive deck includes cards featuring Strike a pose yoga poses, Time to breathe breathing exercises and Rest & Relax guided meditation cards. Together you will learn the many benefits of the various activities while strengthening your connection with your child. Complete with full colour, easy to follow photographs , YOGA PLAY will help you teach your child to be more resilient, confident and calm - one yoga session at a time.

1. Age 2-5 years:

Quantity - 25 cards (20 pose cards and 5 breath cards)

Every card comes with instructions and benefits of the pose/breath.

2. Age 5-9 yrs :

Quantity - 35 cards (25 pose cards, 8 breath cards, 2 meditation cards)

Every card comes with instructions and benefits of the pose/breath.

3. Age 9-12 yrs :

Quantity - 45 cards (31 pose cards, 10 breath cards, 4 meditation cards)

Every card comes with instructions and benefits of the pose/breath.

Ocean Yoga

₹ 699

I created Ocean Yoga as a picture book, an activity book and a storybook all rolled into one. I wanted to put together something that parents could share with their kids even if they didn’t know yoga. So, the book is a map of several yoga poses that parents and kids can practice together. At the same time, the vibrant illustrations, the marine themed story and engaging characters, tie everything together within an enjoyable narrative. I hope this book can bring yoga to many people and places and that many parents can use it to bond with their kids, learning an activity that is expansive in mind, body and soul.

Shweta Attarwala
A perfect a Yoga book for kids!

This book is so inviting for children. It’s one of the best ways one can make yoga exciting for children! My daughter loves reading the book & enacting the poses gives her a sense of achievement! Simple yet informative language with attractive Illustrations, totally worth it!

Shishir Gupta
Good book to get children interested in Yoga

We got this book through a contest we won on a book club. It has been a superb addition to my 15month old’s book collection. The illustrations are clean and story is engaging. It really encourages children to try some of those yoga poses. If you are looking to introduce your children to yoga then this book can be a great facilitator.

Sameer Attarwala
Go for it

Superb .... Loved it

Excellent book for kids..

Just loving this book.. Never ever I imagined there could be such a lovely book for kids on yoga.. my daughter is 3 but loves trying out all the yoga poses from the book ..

Amazon Customer
Love everything about this book

Love the book...can't wait for Sabrina's next one!! My little one loves it...always wanted my baby boy to start yoga and he willingly asks me to sit with him everyday and teach him 🙂 I'm so happy...the illustrations too are done beautifully...keep up the good work !!😘 Loads of love and best wishes always , Meryl

Amazon Customer
Nice one!

Good book with different yoga postures mentioned. My kid love it.

A must have for each parent and child. Wonderful concept.

I got this book as I won a contest in a reading community Kids book cafe. And I and my 3 yo son, after reading this book are so glad to have won it.
This is the most different and unique book for kids that I have got to read. A perfect blend of reading, big pictures to observe and learning yog asanas. In this generation, where kids are mostly addicted to screen most of their time, what else could we ask for when we come across such a unique book.

One of it's kind! ❤

Just loved this book.. Never ever I imagined there could be such a lovely book for kids on yoga/health. I'm thankful I participated in this contest run by a kids book community I'm a part of and won this amazing book.
First of all the quality of the book is really good. Comes with a hardcover which helps a lot as my girl(2 years) gets adventurous with her books sometimes. 😛

Aaisha Mulla
Ocean Yoga - Story with a yoga twist 😊

Received the signed copy of the book as a prize on Kids book cafe group on Facebook. As the name suggests, the book talks about yoga in a kid friendly format. The author Sabrina merchant takes us on a journey with Zen and Maya. They explore the beach / ocean and simultaneous yoga positions are also captured. Pictures on how to do it correctly and the benefits are covered. Icing on the cake is the illustration which gives a sand n ocean (glossy) touch n feel. My 7 Ur old boy n I loved the book n we replicated the poses as well. Must buy to inculcate reading and exercise in kids.